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Inspired by Others

When you want to teach a kid something, always keep in mind that actually you will l learned something new. So,  when I spontaneously started a workshop with a girl from a painting school, she finally teached me how to do a smaller than the most smaller book that I had. And she painted it! Oh, that was nice.

I just put a picture with my little boy, while he is doing some “math”  that his teacher send him. Eventually, he did something original and unexpected like always. Unfortunately I cannot remember all the funny things.

And thanks to his teacher which is such a wonderful woman, that she is always inspiring us. Thank you to all the beautiful people who are creative facilitators by nature. I salute you!

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What others think about Pills?

Pills - the Mini Book

” Pills is like a mirror for the one that has the luck to come in contact with it. If we look at it from the space of innocence we will enter into a magic universe, universe that actually resides in us. ” […]

Norbert Agoston

” I believe the title has many meanings but the first page you will remember of the movie Matrix: Enjoy the game, there is no spoon. This is like a warning to not take things seriously but too enjoy the game and the messages we get.

The paintings are abstract and is setting us in a special mood just like weird and colorful dreams, witch transgress our rational mind. ”

Aron Sipos

” The expression of others gets many forms inside our heads. All of us learn to open inside doors or to hide even deeper the feelings we have in dusted closets. It happens often, maybe it happen to you, to remain stuck and apparently without exits in life. It said that there are substances witch help you get out of this situation, substances that build doors where there are only walls.

This is what Pills made me feel. ” […]


” Bitten color smashed by illusion, paper smoldering in mere reality… matrix of a boozed soul, thirst of happiness and identity. The handful of a childhood remnants is the pocket of God’s light. ”  […]

Maria Lupu

” Pills it’s like e little secret revealed only to the soul when the mind is quiet​. ” […]

Bianca Moldovan


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The Story of Pills Mini-Book

Pills went everywhere, from bars to workshops, teahouse, friends & streets. They were used as stickers in street bombing or as a pretext for different events.

They traveled both with children or adults, in my home country but in other places in Europe or beyond. Many of the feedbacks on Pills I have received them in unexpected places from unexpected people after years since I first give them away to fly.

I used to go in the street and made little pills gifts. I was surprised how people reacted over the time and what I loved the most was when I saw the inner child coming out from “nowhere”.

And there were reactions from over positive awareness powerful and enlightened both for me and the other and reactions of “what the crap is this?”. I love to see reactions and both to hear different understanding about pills, many time i was surprised by how deep others understand details that i never saw in my own book.

I know that hundred of pills are there everywhere and maybe I will never know what little miracles they did and I know they did because I know where they come from and it was something greater than me.

Pills is a tool to transform life in a greater magic way, by bringing awareness in our ways & remind us that we are the children playing this game and we have all the lucky potions to create our own unique & sparkling path through life.

Enjoy, you are free!

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Why Pills – the Concept Book

Pills – the ”quantum leap”

Pills are not what we think they are. A pill has his own personal effect to each one of us. Like in the movie The Matrix, we choose the right pill for us and then we choose what to do next. We are THE ONE if we choose so.

The concept book Pills is about personal freedom and what we do with it. How you take it. Each pill has an image related to a text, together they make somehow both hemisphere to compact, to resonate and in the same time to create a space for thoughtless awareness.

So, take it slow, it will set you free.

Each book is handmade, cut and crafted after my own concept of making homemade books. Images are printed after my original paintings but also repainted again to give to each one a little extra vibrant Unicity and Love.

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How Pills Mini-Book was born?

Pills - Aphorism Mini Book

Creative mind starts in 0 point. Pills came in a moment of pure joy, where nothing seemed to be real, but the moment of pure existence.

Images started to appear and word also. Like anchors or symbols that came out for us to remember the truth about so called reality. The idea was not to tell stories about what I was  feeling but to express this, to create a bridge between human consciousness and spirit.

To create a feeling, to put an open space into something that looks limited, to break the walls of our mind.

Pills has no side effects. A portion of pills may be used to improve your awareness. There is no known dosage. Pills is safe to use on children too. Pills was not tested on animals – maybe only on my cat.