Hello Star Child!

Hello and thank you for visiting my online art corner!


When I was a few years old I said to myself that I want to remember forever how it is to be a child

Growing up I faced all the challenges you can imagine to keep that promise. I had some main focuses: philosophy, painting, writing and meditation (or ways to keep my mind cool) and JOY, the most important of all.

One day everything cracked into a moment of total peace and … a new idea was born, the PILLS minibook. Metaphysical, philosophical, full of colors and meaning.

It is my vision, my spirituality, my gift, my inner child expressing and my wisdom for you. And I wanted to share it… and I shared it to friends and I share it to strangers and then into small events.

And then I wanted to share it all over the world… and the idea and concept of this website helped me do just that!

A spark to remember that You have all the power to create your path through life

 I have started the Pills Workshops for children and adults where any of you, can create their own tiny aphorism minibook, where you can manifest those things that are crucial in remembering what is truly important for yourself.

Enjoy the Game, Star Child!

Full Review: www.webcultura/pills