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The Story of Pills Mini-Book

Pills went everywhere, from friends to official events, to workshops, teahouses and even writers or publishers.

They traveled both with children or adults, in my home country but in other places in Europe or beyond. Many of the feedbacks on Pills I have received them from unexpected people after years since I first give them away to fly.

I was surprised how people reacted over the time and what I loved the most was when I saw the inner child coming out from “nowhere”.

I love to see reactions and both to hear a different understanding about Pills Book, so many times I was surprised by how deep others understand details that I never saw in my own book.

I know that hundred of pills are there everywhere and maybe I will never know what little miracles they did and I know they did because I know where they come from and it was something greater than me.

Pills is a tool to transform life in a greater magic way, by bringing awareness in our ways & remind us that we are the children playing this game and we have all the lucky potions to create our own unique & sparkling path through life.

Enjoy, you are free!

2 thoughts on “The Story of Pills Mini-Book

  1. A beautifully story and a really interesting concept about life and perception. Congrats Laila.

  2. Beautiful, my gift was appreciated to the full, thank you Laila.

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