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What others think about Pills?

” Pills is like a mirror for the one that has the luck to come in contact with it. If we look at it from the space of innocence we will enter into a magic universe, universe that actually resides in us. ” […]

Norbert Agoston

” I believe the title has many meanings but the first page you will remember of the movie Matrix: Enjoy the game, there is no spoon. This is like a warning to not take things seriously but too enjoy the game and the messages we get.

The paintings are abstract and is setting us in a special mood just like weird and colorful dreams, witch transgress our rational mind. ”

Aron Sipos

” The expression of others gets many forms inside our heads. All of us learn to open inside doors or to hide even deeper the feelings we have in dusted closets. It happens often, maybe it happen to you, to remain stuck and apparently without exits in life. It said that there are substances witch help you get out of this situation, substances that build doors where there are only walls.

This is what Pills made me feel. ” […]


” Bitten color smashed by illusion, paper smoldering in mere reality… matrix of a boozed soul, thirst of happiness and identity. The handful of a childhood remnants is the pocket of God’s light. ”  […]

Maria Lupu

” Pills it’s like e little secret revealed only to the soul when the mind is quiet​. ” […]

Bianca Moldovan